About Us

Know Your Parliamentarian

The roots of KYP trace back to the Hack Corruption initiative led by Accountability Lab in Kathmandu, Nepal. What began as an event brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds-varying cultures, nationalities, and facing different challenges in their respective nations. Despite these differences, a shared commitment united them: the desire to contribute towards making the world a better place.

This shared commitment served as the driving force that brought this group together, and from there, history was made. The concept of KYP emerged during intense discussions among the five group members, who passionately sought to identify the root causes of societal problems and explore how technology could drive positive change.

The initial brainstorming sessions were fuelled by a consensus that KYP could serve as a powerful tool against corruption. However, the team grappled with numerous questions: How could such a tool be created? Where would the data come from? Would people genuinely be interested? Were they prepared to face resistance from those in power? The team faced more questions than answers, but their unity remained unshaken.

A significant challenge was the geographic dispersion of our team across three different countries, with mentors situated in another. Overcoming different time zones was just one of many hurdles.
Despite these challenges, KYP has become a reality, emerging into the light after countless sleepless nights for the team.

Meet the diverse and dedicated team behind KYP:

The team is codenamed – NIP – To nip the corruption in the bud.
  1. Surendra Koirala - Nepal:** The tech genius who navigates effortlessly through Ones and Zeros.
  2. Sujan Regmi - Nepal:** Mr. Cool - The local expert who understands the intricacies of Nepal.
  3. Paresh Rawal - India:** The philosopher who delves into overall trends and macros.
  4. Sidra Shafi - Pakistan:** The disciplined teacher who keeps the team in check.
  5. Kaneez Ayesha Abbasi - Pakistan:** She knows where the camera is - adept at reaching out to people.
Together, this international team has turned a vision into reality, and KYP stands as a testament to their dedication and collaborative