What is KYP?

Human is a social animal. We are both creator and product of the society we stay in.

As a responsible, aware, and woke citizen of the nation it is imperative that we become more involved in the things function around us.

KYP or Know Your Parliamentarian is our humble initiative which will act as a vanguard of transparency in democracy. Our core mission is twofold: to increase transparency as a deterrent against corruption and to create an engaging democracy by providing verified information for informed decision-making.

In an era where information is key, we empower citizens by offering meticulously verified details about their elected parliamentarians. Our commitment to transparency extends beyond a mere quest for information; it's a journey towards fostering an engaged democracy. We believe that an informed citizenry is not only the backbone of a robust democracy but also a catalyst for positive change. By providing comprehensive and accurate information, we aim to facilitate informed decision-making, enabling citizens to actively participate in shaping the future of their nation.

Moreover, KYP doesn't just serve citizens. We act as a vital research data point for journalists, researchers, and NGOs. Our platform aggregates verified information, offering a reliable source for those dedicated to deeper insights and analysis. By centralizing authenticated data, we aim to contribute to a more informed public discourse and support the work of those striving to bring about positive change.

Explore our website to discover the verified details of your elected parliamentarians, engage with democracy, and contribute to a more transparent and informed society. Thank you for choosing KYP as your trusted source. Together, let's build a future where transparency, engagement, and reliable information form the pillars of a thriving democracy.